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We’ve moved.  Come visit us at www.findingjosephine.com or www.dionneford.com where the journey into my family’s history continues.

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Dionne Ford


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One response to “We’ve Moved!

  1. Emily Ross

    Dear Dionne,
    Just reading your family story in More Magazine. I found it interesting and poignant. Family research can become a facinating full time job and journey.
    I have a question and I hope you’re not offended, but in your article in More you wrote, “Why would she pose for what amounted to a family portrait, a good 25 years after slavery ended, with people who stole her freedom?” Please don’t misconstrue my line of thinking and let me be clear, slavery was and is an evil thing in the world. However, did you find evidence that Tempy was abused? Obviously, if she was raped by the Colonel, but if Tempy stayed maybe it was her choice. Perhaps, she stayed for her children because it was her home. After slavery ended, she had a choice to go or stay. I am from the South and honestly all slave owners did not beat their slaves. Many perhaps like Tempy were much loved and considered family members. In doing my own family history, I came to the conclusion no matter what your color or enthicity life was harsh for many Americans. My great grandfather was a farm laborer and desperately poor and while not a slave did not have an easy life. Perhaps, your Josephine and my great grandfather shared the hope that their descendants would have better lives. Certainly, Tempy’s life is a fascinating story and I hope you continue to find out more about your family.
    Thank you.

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