(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: New Year gifts

My cousin, Monique made this pillow for me as a Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Year's gift. It displays our ancestor Tempy Burton's 1891 newspaper ad, looking for her family whom she had been separated from by slavery.

During our New Year get together while the kids were busy playing Wii, Monique and I poured over the book "History of Queen Anne County" by Frederick Emory. It's full of information about our Stuart ancestors during their time in Chestertown, Maryland.



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16 responses to “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: New Year gifts

  1. I’m sure you enjoyed your time with Monique 🙂 It’s been lovely reading about how you’ve found new family members, Dionne, and kept alive the news about family past. Looking forward to more. A happy new year to you and yours!

  2. What a touching message from Tempy. And such a thoughtful gift from Monique. You really have something special going on there, girl!

  3. The pillow takes my breath away. Your cousin is brilliant.

  4. Francis Howcutt

    Wow I am so impressed! What a lovely idea. Keep up the good work, Monique and Dionne 🙂

  5. Monique Smith Andersen

    Out of everything that’s been discovered on our journey, this ad means the most to me. I still can’t get past that first sentence without getting emotional. We got a kick out of seeing my little one sounding out the words on the pillow, and opening the door to the telling of another story of her GGGG Grandma. It’s truly amazing how Tempe sought, and later found family 120 years ago using a newspaper ad, similar to the way I found Dionne, and Sylvia on Ancestry.com.

  6. djk

    Two Beautiful women keeping it alive with flair & creativity! Tempe found you Two and she must be smiling.

  7. That pillow is a fantastic idea, and a treasure. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love both pictures. The pillow is fantastic. What a treasure!

  9. Great pillow! Finding new cousins is always good. I love seeing the picture of your office with the interesting bulletin boards!

  10. Patricia Armstrong Watkins

    The pillow takes my breath away! I love the picture of you and Monique, may 2011 continue to bless you both with more discoveries and family.


    • Thanks, Everyone for your wonderful comments! I am so lucky to have such a talented cousin to share this journey with. Wishing you all a wonderful year of discoveries in 2011!-Dionne

  11. Wow. That’s a great idea to have made the pillow. What a keepsake!

  12. I was gripped with incredible joy and sadness at the sight of that letter when I first saw it. Thank you for sharing more about our incredible family members.

  13. Your cousin, Monique actually reached back into your ancestry and recreated ti in the present with this pillow. Great idea.

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