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Finding the Colonel’s Sword

The handle of my great great-grandfather's 19th century Knights of Pythias sword

My cousin is a great searcher.  She’ll exhaust every page of a google search, unlike me.  If I don’t find what I’m looking for after the second page, I assume the item in question is just not meant to be found.  Bad researching, I know.

But my cousin’s persistence is how she found the above sword which belonged to our ancestor, Col. W.R. Stuart.

Way back in 1999, my cousin’s dad posted a note to a Stuart surname message board on ancestry.com.  A decade later, a woman replied that she didn’t have any info about the colonel, but she had an engraved and personalized sword with his name on it bought from an estate sale in Minneapolis.  By that point, my cousin, Monique had picked up where her dad left off. After a lot of back and forth over the course of five months,  Monique bought the sword.  In a remarkable test of self-will which I think ties in with her persistence, she kept the sword a secret from her dad so she could give him” the most incredible Father’s Day gift ever.  It definitely topped the previous year’s golf shirt and magazine subscription!” Monique says.

She found my post on the same message board as she awaited the sword’s arrival.

I need to get back to checking those surnames message boards.

And speaking of surnames, it’s Surname Saturday at the Geneabloggers site.  In keeping with their ingenious daily theme, here is a list of my family surnames (some still need to be confirmed).  Hopefully, my cousin is reading this and will check  these on the surnames message boards, since I’ll probably forget.

Paternal: Ford, Burton, Stuart, Rasin, Frazier, Dames, Perry, Flaherty or Fluharty, Chipley, Alford, Goddard and Morgan

Maternal: Jones, Walton, Coleman, Watson, Lively

How has persistence paid off for your search?

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