Family Tree Magazine Blog Nomination

Yesterday, Christmas showed up a little early and in my email.  That seems to be the way I get all of my best genealogy-related surprises.

First, a third cousin, once removed shows up in my email a year and a half ago and jump-starts my ancestry research with her common obsession and appreciation for all things “relative.”  A year later, a complete stranger emails said cousin and me information about a third great-grandmother we didn’t even know existed, helping us reclaim another generation of our family’s tree.  Then last night, a fellow geneablogger I haven’t “met” yet named Yvonne posted a comment on my blog, congratulating me on the nomination which then showed up in my email.

“What nomination?”  I wondered. Between my daughters’ swim practices and meets, Holiday Pageant rehearsals, PTA meetings, a book proposal that I’m writing, and Christmas shopping that mocks me from my ever-increasing list of things to do, I’m a little out of the loop.

Then I remembered. Last month,  my cousin, Monique sent me an email saying she’d nominated Finding Josephine for Family Tree Magazine’s 40 Best Genealogy Blogs.

Family.  Gotta love em!

And I love finding out whatever I can about them, discovering new members of my extended tribe, and sharing what I find and how I find it with all of you.

You can vote for Finding Josephine or any of the other hundred plus nominees at



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6 responses to “Family Tree Magazine Blog Nomination

  1. Vernetta

    I extend “Congratulations” to “you” Dionne for a work well done, you expidited your skills my sistah!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I voted for you last night. Can I vote twice? They asked me to comment on the reason I voted you and I said, “…because of the power of her writing.” I have had one of your blogs taped on my mirror for a couple of months now. You are inspiring.

  3. I nominated you too, Dionne! I so look forward to reading your blog. Good luck!

  4. OK, now that I made sure I voted for you I came over here to comment … Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination, Dionne. What a great way to surf out of 2010!

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