Treasure Chest Thursday: Thanks to, Another Cousin, Found!

My third cousin, Sylvia!

My cousin Monique is now the queen of all Internet searches.  It was her voracious searching that turned up my second great-grandfather’s Civil War era sword on ebay, a portrait of one of our ancestors at the Maryland Historical Society on their online database, and me on  Now, she’s done it again.  Monique found another one of our cousins, again on  (I think that internet genealogy site is going to have to start paying her soon – she’s a walking commercial for their services!)

Meet cousin Sylvia Smith Isabel.    She lives a short bus or train ride away in New York and is as passionate about uncovering our family’s history as Monique and I.

Keeping track of all these cousins can be confusing so here is how we’re all related:

The ancestors that all three of us have in common are Tempy Burton and Col. W.R. Stuart, aka The Colonel.  Tempy was a slave in  Elizabeth McCauley’s family.  When Elizabeth married the Colonel, Tempy was  given to the couple as a wedding gift.  Elizabeth couldn’t have any children but Tempy could and did have seven, probably all with The Colonel.  But two of her children were definitely The Colonel’s, documented through their death certificates.  They were Alfred Burton Stuart, Tempy and The Colonel’s oldest child and Josephine Burton Ford, their youngest child.  Alfred was Monique’s great, great-grandfather and Sylvia’s great-grandfather. Josephine Burton Ford was my great-grandmother.  Using the cousin calculator that makes Sylvia and Monique first cousins, once removed, Monique and I third cousins, once removed and Sylvia and I plain ole third cousins.

Two days after Thanksgiving, Monique and her family came over to our house and we had a few good hours of laughs over all the things we’ve found this past year and we were feeling pretty thankful, like we’d reached the peak of our genealogy mountain and could just take in the view.  Then, two days later, with the discovery of Sylvia, we had even more to be thankful for, and more history to uncover (her dad grew up on Alfred’s farm and told her stories of  Alf  working as an unofficial town vet – news to us!).  It feels like we’re at the beginning of another journey.

Check out the other cousin we found earlier this year, Renee Smith.



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9 responses to “Treasure Chest Thursday: Thanks to, Another Cousin, Found!

  1. Vernetta

    Wow,what an awesome discovery! I’m so excited for you & your family.

    Bravo, Monique~~~~~~~

  2. That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you. What an incredible advertisement for! 🙂

  3. Deb

    Yay — another cousin! What an abundant journey of discovering more about your family…

  4. Deb

    Yay – another cousin! What an abundant journey of discovering more about your family…

  5. It’s just one gift after another as your history unravels to the present moment!

    I love having the opportunity to witness the gems as they continue to surface!

    The genetic blend has turned out some incredibly beautiful women…

  6. Blessings to you and your new found cousin. Don’t you just love discovering these wonderful people.

  7. Kim

    Oh that’s wonderful that you’ve all found each other!

  8. So happy that you two found each other and even more important that she was willing to meet with you.

  9. That’s excellent news Dionne! I have a cousin find me via this week – it’s always a great feeling. 🙂

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