Motivation Monday: My Weekly Genealogy Goals

With my children finally back in school, I can return my attention for at least part of the day to shaking my family tree. My cousin and I have made a lot of progress since we started searching together last year, but each new discovery invariably leads us to another clue, another agency to call, or piece of history to look into. Following all of these threads requires organization, so I’ve decided to give myself a weekly list of genealogy goals to keep me focused.  I’ll do this on “Motivation Mondays,” and if you find this theme useful, I hope you’ll join me.

Goals for this week:

  • Transcribe one letter from the Stuart Papers.  Pictured above, the collection of letters, sermons and personal documents belonged to my third great-grandfather, William R. Stuart. (If I do one letter a week, I’ll have them finished by 2012!)
  • look into some of the laws regarding slaves in Maryland.   Stuart was president of the state’s senate and mentions pending legislation regarding slavery  a few times in his letters in 1826 and again in the 1840s. I wonder if he helped craft laws regarding slavery and if they were pro or anti the institution.
  • Follow up with the local library to find out when the Stirling Papers will arrive on microfilm, on loan from Princeton University. I’m dying to find out if these papers have any information on my third great-grandmother, Eliza Burton, who was owned by the Stirling family.

I’m thinking three goals for the first week is enough. Thanks to Mavis at Georgia Black Crackers and  Tonia at Tonia’s Roots for the goal-setting inspiration. What are you working on this week?



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12 responses to “Motivation Monday: My Weekly Genealogy Goals

  1. Great goals! I like the “Motivation Monday” theme. Good luck!

  2. I love these goals! I had never heard of the theme “Motivation Monday” but I love it! I will have to start using that on my blog!


  3. Sally Sheridan

    Okay Dionne,

    I accept your challenge. This week I will set as my goal to transcribe the letter my white ggg grandfather wrote in 1866 (Tennessee) complaining about having to hire black people to cook and work for him. The previous ones (his slaves) all had “left” him. They were his mistress and their 10 children.

    I must do this personally because the person who originally transcribed the list of children he fathered with the slave woman left out one of the children (Susannah). I cannot trust that she transcribed the letter accurately.

    I must do it myself and I have been putting it off for a long time because it is difficult to read.

    You are right. I hereby set a goal for the week!

    Thanks for the motivation!

    Sally Sheridan

  4. southwestarkie

    I need motivation as well! This is a great theme and one that might put a little fire under my feet to get to work! Good luck with your three this week!

  5. You have inspired me. Now to keep it going.

  6. I love the idea of weekly goals. I need to do this. Thank you for sharing yours for inspiration.

  7. Dennis

    Love the Idea! 3 Sounds Great, didn’t know microfilm still existed. Check back on Friday to let you know how my 3MM goals went>

  8. I like the goal for the week part, nice blog yo have… 🙂

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  10. Liz

    Thanks for the great idea and inspiration! I just made my weekly list and posted it on my blog!

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