Treasure Chest Thursday: The Trip of a Lifetime

Beautiful Front Beach, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, apparently unaffected by the oil spill (not one tar ball found)!

We found so much new information, and made so many happy memories, but here are  five treasures  from our dig that immediately come to mind:

  • 5. Standing in front of the stained glass windows dedicated to my great, great-grandfather, Col. W.R. Stuart and his wife, Elizabeth McCauley which decorate the sanctuary at St. Paul’s Church in Ocean Springs. The lovely employees there took pictures of us in front of the windows.  And parishioner, Terry Linder drove us out to the cemetery to pay our respects to our people.
  • 4. Visiting the graves of my great, great-grandmother, Tempy Burton, great, great-grandfather, Col. W.R. Stuart and their children all at  Evergreen cemetery in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  In New Orleans, we  visited my grandmother, Lillie Mae Ford at Lakelawn Cemetery,  my third great-grandfather William R. Stuart who rests across the street from her in a mausoleum at Cypress Grove, and my grandfather, Martin Ford at Garden of Memories Cemetery in Metarie.
  • 3. Discovering that Col. W.R. Stuart  had a family bible that used to be stored at St. Paul’s.  Sadly, it’s been lost.
  • 2. Talking to a 95 year-old woman who knew Monique’s great-grandmother, Tempy Elizabeth Stuart.  She remembered Tempy Elizabeth playing the piano for her and her family at her home.
  • 1. Learning that great, great-grandma Tempy Burton who had been a slave and couldn’t read or write, owned a home! In deed books it was called Tempy Burton’s Lot.


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3 responses to “Treasure Chest Thursday: The Trip of a Lifetime

  1. What a wonderful set of experiences! Treasure them!

    Bill 😉

  2. Phenomenal! Congrats to you (and Monique) on a fun and successful road trip!

  3. What priceless memories you will have of this trip! I’m so happy for you!

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