Tombstone Tuesday: Great, Great-Grandma’s Gussied Up Grave

Great, great-grandma Tempy Burton's grave looking spiffy! The colorful rocks are mementos prepared by Monique, myself and our daughters before we left on our journey.

While on our research trip last week to the Mississippi Gulf, my cousin Monique and I paid our respects to our ancestors’ graves, including great, great-grandma Tempy Burton’s located at the Evergreen Cemetery in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  We were overcome with emotion (and mosquitos) when we came upon her tombstone, covered by a canopy of trees and overlooking a bayou. We were also struck by how clean and white the tombstone looked especially since it’s almost 100 years old!  Could it be that someone gave Tempy’s tombstone a makeover?  (Maybe Granny told them her people were coming!)

But seriously, this is what her tombstone looked like a few months back when Find A Grave volunteer Ann Nash discovered it:

Tempy's grave at Evergreen Cemetery a few months ago, courtesy of Ann Nash.



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6 responses to “Tombstone Tuesday: Great, Great-Grandma’s Gussied Up Grave

  1. Wow – She must have been expecting you! 😉

  2. Very nice! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Liz

    I think it’s great to see evidence of her descendants remembering her now at her grave. 🙂 Maybe Ann tweaked the image in photo software to make the lettering show up & it wasn’t really that brown? just a guess.

  4. This must have been a very sweet moment to touch this part of your history.
    I’m curious about the spelling of her lovely name, Tempy in your writing, and Tempe on the tombstone…have you found it both ways in your research?

  5. Oh my goodness! It’s beautiful! What a wonderful surprise it must have been to see the stone so pretty.

  6. Deb

    What an incredible before and after comparison! And I absolutely love the flowers and those beautiful rocks that you guys made!!

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