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I’ve been following Liz Hall Morgan’s My Big Fat Family blog since I joined the geneablogging community four months ago. Both our families have roots in New Orleans and I love seeing what new thing pops up on her journey, like all the treasures in her dad’s World War II military personnel file. (I keep my fingers crossed that some light will shine on her elusive Grandpa Hall.)  Plus, Liz shares tips that she uses to help uncover her ancestors and is always quick to point me to a great Louisiana-based resource, or put her incredible deciphering skills to work to decode ancient writing on a will or document.  She made sense of slave names on a will where my great, great-grandmother Tempe was listed and read “Sante Fe Railroad” under the employer line of my great-grandfather’s World War I draft registration card, words that looked like chicken scratch to me.  This week, she found my third great-grandfather’s mausoleum in our shared ancestral city, New Orleans.

Following Liz and the rest of  the genealogy blogging community has put my research into high gear, helping me more quickly find pieces of my genealogical puzzle that would have surely taken me longer to put together on my own.  I’m amazed and grateful at the generosity and encouragement I’ve found from virtual strangers.  You’re the best friends I’ve never met.


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  1. Liz

    Thanks so much for the kind mention, Dionne! Love following your journey and look forward to more of your ancestors’ compelling stories.

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