Sentimental Sunday: The Ancestor Clock

The handmade clock by my cousin, Monique Smith Anderson which includes images of my ancestors.

Check out the amazing handmade gift my cousin, Monique gave me today when she came over for a bar-b-que.

The picture hardly does justice to her ancestor clock.  It includes images of things we’ve found during the year that we’ve been on this journey together, decorated with her special flourishes and finished with a ton of love.   Originally, she was going to give me the quote in the bottom part of the clock and have it framed, but then she got inspired to give me something that I might one day pass down to my children.  I love that she gave me our family history in the face of a clock, something I can share with my family every day, and a constant reminder that my ancestors are always with me informing my future.



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9 responses to “Sentimental Sunday: The Ancestor Clock

  1. Deb

    That is so beautiful, Dionne — what a generous gift! Thanks for sharing it on your wonderful blog.

  2. Dionne, what a beautiful (and definitely sentimental) gift! You and your cousin are fortunate to be sharing this journey together.

    Who is/was the littel girl in the picture?


    • I love that I am on this journey with Monique. We don’t know for sure, but we believe the girl in the picture is Tempy’s daughter, possibly Josephine because of the age she would have been when the photo was taken.
      Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

  3. kerri dunn

    Wow-how truly beautiful…isn’t it incredible that you guys get to do the journey together…and you share it with us… nice, thanks 🙂

  4. J

    How creative – it’s beautiful and a labor of love. Indeed a special gift to be passed down in the family.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Liz

    Great gift! Hey, I awarded you the “Happy 101” blog badge. 🙂 If you’d like to claim it, it’s here:
    Happy long weekend!

  6. I love the clock idea. It is so creative and beautiful. I’ll probably still the idea for my brothers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Monique Smith Andersen

    Here’s the quote decoupaged in the corner of the clock that inspired the gift:

    “We are the chosen. In each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors; to put flesh on their bones and make them live again, to tell the family their story and to feel that somehow they know and approve. Genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts; instead, it is breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the story tellers of the tribe. All tribes have one. We have been called as if it were in our genes. Those who have gone before cry out to us: Tell our story, and so we do. In them we find ourselves.”

    ~ Author Unknown ~

  8. What a priceless gift she has given you! It’s just beautiful.

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