Treasure Chest Thursday: Meet Renira Morris

Renira Morris (far left), the little sister I never had with my daughters and me at a pre-school graduation ceremony.

After my post on Monday about the book, “Freedom’s Child” and all the similarities I had with the author, Carrie Allen McCray, I received this comment:

I knew her as “Aunt Carrie” as she is the Grand-Aunt of my best friend Gila. She also happens to be the author of one of my favourite poems. I will be happy to put you in touch with the family.
Lots of Love, Renira”

Renira happens to be a good friend of mine who I came to know shortly after I moved to this town.  As an undergraduate student, she babysat my children and quickly  became like an older sister to my girls and like a younger sister to me.  (I’m not ready to concede that she’s young enough to be my daughter!)  So strong is her presence in my family that when my daughter had to write a report for Women’s History Month, she choose Renira as her subject.

In between games of Twister! with the girls and discussions about current affairs with us adults, Renira often spoke of her best friend, Gila.  The two grew up in my current hometown, but  I never met Gila because she choose a job on the other side of the country after graduating from an east coast law school.  Now that Renira is a graduate student at Columbia University, we don’t see her as often, but we stay in touch via twitter, texts, and my blog.

A remarkable young woman, I’m not at all surprised that Renira would know Carrie Allen McCray and her family who also seem like remarkable people.  I always knew Renira was a treasure, I just didn’t know about this particular treasure- a connection with the McCray family-  that was also in her trove.

I wonder if this connection with the McCrays would have ever come up in our face-to-face conversations.  Is there something you stumbled across because of your blogging or in the virtual world that never presented itself in “real time”?



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4 responses to “Treasure Chest Thursday: Meet Renira Morris

  1. Dionne,

    How exciting – Congratulations. The many treasures we have around us, are often overlooked. Glad that you found this one. Oh, I’m ordering the book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That proves that it’s a small world! What a wonderful story.

  3. Dionne, you and Renira look like “blood” sisters! How cool that you have yet another connection, huh? Oh, and by the way, re: what I told you on the phone about your oldest daughter — scratch that — BOTH of them should be!!!! 🙂

    Beautiful pic. Thanks for sharing.


  4. AMY


    What an amazing connection? Isn’t is something that we are always only a few contacts away from the person we are looking for? Great story. Thanks for sharing. Please continue to update after your contact with Aunt Carrie.


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