Follow Friday – 2 Genealogy Blogs, The Boddie Family, and Great, Great-Grandmother Tempe’s Name

This week, I’ve been following people, places and things:  two blogs, a North Carolina family, and derivations of my great, great-grandmother Tempe’s name. It’s all in pursuit of my next genealogy goal, to find Tempe Burton’s’s birthplace and her parents.

On Monday, I shared here that in researching Judith Boddie Jones, a woman who once owned my great, great-grandmother, Tempe, I discovered, Judith’s sister  was named Temperance.  Too much of a coincidence for me to pass up, I’ve been hunting down the Boddies of Nash County, North Carolina ever since in hopes of finding out more about my ancestor.

So far, here’s what I’ve found and where I found it:

  • Temperance Boddie was also called Tempe.    I’ve always wondered where the spelling “Tempe” and name came from as my great, great-grandmother is named on her gravestone and several census documents.  It always struck me as a misprint (shouldn’t it be Tempy with a “y?”), or perhaps short for something else.  Could it be that Tempe was named for a member of the family that owned her?  Temperance Boddie’s sister, Judith Boddie Jones was one of my great, great-grandmother’s last owners.  I found this information about Temperance “Tempe” Boddie in a google book.
  • Boddie Family Bible This bible is filled with births and deaths for the Boddie clan spanning about a century.  It didn’t mention Temperance, Judith or any slaves that I could see, but it gave me hope that more useful records about this family exist.  I found this bible on Renate’s blog,  Into the Light. I’ve enjoyed Renate’s posts since joining this community ranging from personal history to genealogy resources,  but after she replied to my Monday blog that she had come across the Boddie name often in  her North Carolina research, I decided to give her site a closer look.   Listed as a resource on Renate’s site is the North Carolina Family Records online.  That’s where I found the Boddie family bible.
  • John William Boddie died in Jackson, Mississippi. That’s where Tempe lived as a slave to her final owner, Elizabeth McCauley, Judith Boddie Jones’ granddaughter. Could John be related to Judith B. Jones as well?  I found Boddie’s obituary while perusing Taneya’s Genealogy blog. A medical librarian, Taneya’s penchant for gathering research materials is evident all over her blog and impressive website which boasts a thorough family tree.  Taneya also coordinates several USGen Web projects including the North Carolina portal.  It was there that I found Boddie’s obituary as well as election results that showed a W.W. Boddie was elected to the Senate in 1826. Incidentally,  my third great-grandfather, William Stuart Sr. (Elizabeth’s father-in-law) was also in the Senate during that time, but in Maryland. This big genealogy world is growing smaller every day with every century retraced.

Thanks Taneya and Renate for all the great resources you share along with  your family’s stories.  They’ve inspired me to create a resource list of my own. But first a break to celebrate my b’day and Mother’s Day with my families.   I’d  love suggestions on where to look (and who to follow) on the next leg of this adventure.  Who and what are you following?

Happy Mother’s Day!



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5 responses to “Follow Friday – 2 Genealogy Blogs, The Boddie Family, and Great, Great-Grandmother Tempe’s Name

  1. Be sure to look at both Judith and sister Temperances’ families deeds/wills/estates for your ancestors. You should be able to find a sale, purchase, etc, if you did not see the slave births in the bible. Most politicians kept keen records on slave purchases.

    Good luck.

  2. Dionne,
    Thank you so much for the kind mention! I wanted to just leave you a quick note to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s been an incredibly busy week, as I’m preparing for my daughter’s college gradation this Sunday, but I promise to get back to you next week! Also, I just realized why it seems that I never leave you comments anymore. It’s because your posts have started coming to me via email, and so when I check my home email from my phone, I’m seeing them then, and I don’t have enough tome to peck out a response on my phone from work like I’m doing now because I’m off early and sitting under the haor dryer!! LOL…. I will see what I can do to undo that setting. Thanks again, and I love your blog!!

    Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to you, too!!

  3. Okay, lol, so of course that was, HAIR dryer!! Lol… and it took me almost 15 mins to type all that and I thought I had fixed all the errors! Oh, and since I am back again, I meant to tell you that one of my gg gf’s owners was known as “Tempy” (with a y). Her name was Elizabeth Temperance (Neal) Yarborough.


  4. Dionne!!!!! I just went to your blog to take a look back at your post about the Boddie surname, so that I could finally email you about it and BAM! As soon as I started reading, it hit me! Temperance BODDIE Perry! That is a name that I’ve had in my research notes for a really long time! And, what’s more, she was born in NASH COUNTY!!!!!!

    I don’t have enough stuff pulled together right now to give you the full run down, and I don’t know if I am in any way related to Temperance yet (but hopefully one day, DNA will tell), but the short of it is that Temperance Boddie of Nash County, NC married Jeremiah Perry of Franklin County. Their daughter, Chloe Perry Neal owned my gg-grandfather, Calvin! Girl, we need to TALK!

    I’m emailing you, now!


  5. Liz

    Wow! Can’t wait to hear more–the comments are as exciting as your post! You may want to go to soon & check the library catalog for what’s available on microfilm re MS &/or NC deeds & wills for your counties. Yeah, I know, I haven’t been so disciplined myself about slogging through microfilms … 😉 but if Renate doesn’t have easy answers (hey Renate, got Halls in VA? LOL), that’s the best next place to go.

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