Wordy/Wordless Wednesday: Fun Family times in the Mississippi Gulf, Pre-Oil Spill

My cousin posing for the camera on a beach near Ocean Springs, Mississippi, 1976.

The poor area that fostered four generations of my paternal family has been taking a pounding the past two weeks.  First an oil spill, then tornado and this past weekend more storms!  So, here are two pictures from a more tranquil time in the Gulf Coast.  This beach is somewhere near Ocean Springs where my father, his father, and his grandmother were all born and where my great, great-grandmother lived most of her life.  Those are my cousins –  Nicky and Dalvin Ford running from the camera and Haile Ford posing.  Knowing me, I was trying to get one more dip in the water or find one more broken seashell before it was time to call it a day.

My cousins running, probably from the camera on a beach near Ocean Springs, Mississippi in 1976.

Do you have any memories (photos or words) of your times on the Gulf Coast?  Please share them and send good thoughts for the people there and the environs. Click to hear an Ocean Springs resident telling National Public Radio how the oil spill is affecting him.



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8 responses to “Wordy/Wordless Wednesday: Fun Family times in the Mississippi Gulf, Pre-Oil Spill

  1. Wonderful pictures. We are praying for everyone in the Gulf area. It seems that you are dealing with one terrible event after another.

  2. Love the photo where the sand and the street meet. My heart aches for the Gulf Coast right now.

  3. My thoughts are also with the Gulf Coast residents. Your family photos are like story snapshots. I can’t get enough of them.

  4. Horrific stuff on the oil spill. Here’s to wishing the Gulf Coast a full and speedy recovery. And a return to those more tranquil times!

    Love your photos, Dionne!

  5. Deb

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. My thoughts and prayers are with those people too.

    And thanks for your wonderful blog – I love getting to share in your geneology journey!

  6. Liz

    Simultaneously outraged & heartbroken myself, having grown up 40 miles from the La. coast. Will have to post a photo and memory or two myself.

  7. Dalvin Ford

    Great pictures, brings back to the carefree day of my youth.

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