Sentimental Sunday: Friends & Family

Me with my friends and family, Joel Brink and Monique Smith Anderson

This weekend was one for the books.

It started with a party celebrating all the Taurus birthdays in my family and ended celebrating new friendships.

On Saturday, my brother turned 50 and decided to have a party for all of us Taureans in the family.  (Four of the five of us Ford children was born in late April or early May.)  My brother is a pretty magnanimous guy, but I think he threw the party for all of us so we wouldn’t focus on his age:)  The kids had a ball playing dolls, singing karaoke, and I was surprised yet again to hear some new stories about my dad’s childhood.

On Sunday, I had a chance to meet with newer friends who are also family.

I met Monique less than a year ago while we were both researching our family’s history.   Third cousins, once removed, Monique and I are both descendants of Colonel W.R. Stuart and Tempy Burton. About a month ago, I found Joel Brink through a book he wrote about our shared family’s history.  Joel’s wife descends from a family that owned my great, great-grandmother, Tempy Burton.  He’s been instrumental in helping us uncover more of our family tree.

As luck would have it, Joel was out east visiting his twin brother who lives close enough to both Monique and me for us to enjoy a Sunday country drive to his home.

We heard the romantic story of how Joel met his wife, Joan and Monique shared about her love of Italian cooking, attributed to her Bari ancestors. Over lunch, we tried to solve ancestral mysteries that will probably take many more years to uncover like what ever happened to Tempy’s other three children with the Colonel. As corny as it sounds, the three of us laughed and cried over our shared enthusiasm for our history and for the reunification of our families.

I felt as comfortable with these new friends I’ve made as I did with my brothers and sisters whom I’ve known all my life.  Perhaps it’s because our passion intersects at our families that it’s easy to feel less than just genealogy buddies and more like kin.

How did you meet the friends that you count as family?

My sisters and brother celebrating our birthdays!



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2 responses to “Sentimental Sunday: Friends & Family

  1. After seeing Monique and Joel’s names here so often, I feel I know them too. Nice to put faces to their names and so glad you had a chance to get together!

  2. How wonderful that you could get together and share your stories! That’s awesome!

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