Tombstone Tuesday – Another Ancestor’s Resting Place Found?

A small gravestone with the initials A.B.S.(possibly Alfred Burton Stuart) at Evergreen Cemetery, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. (Photo courtesy Ann Nash)

Last week, I was thrilled to share a picture of my great, great-grandmother, Tempe Burton’s tombstone, provided by Ann Nash, a volunteer at

As Tempe is at rest in one of Ann’s favorite places, Evergreen Cemetery in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, our volunteer outdid herself and went back the next day to take more pictures of surrounding graves to see if any were our relations.

She found two!

The simple stone above with the initials A.B.S. was found to the right of Tempe’s tombstone, separated by one other grave.  Could A.B.S. stand for Tempe’s son, Alfred Burton Stuart?  My cousin, Monique and I sure hope so.  Monique is a direct descendent of Alfred’s.  Alfred’s daughter, Tillie Raby Stuart is buried just behind her grandmother, Tempe.  Her gravestone is pictured below.

We’ll be checking with Evergreen Cemetery to see if they can confirm whether A.B.S. is our Alfred Burton Stuart, In the meanwhile, a heartfelt thanks again to Ann for finding our family’s final resting places and brightening them up with the lovely flowers.

There’s something so comforting about our family resting all in the same place together.  It makes me think I should start to consider my family’s final plans.  Oh, that line there just put a chill up my spine.  Maybe not yet.  (I still haven’t come to terms with the fact that I am technically middle-aged.)

Have you already made arrangements for your last hurrah? When is the right time to begin “final plans?”

Tillie Stuart Raby headstone at Evergreen Cemetery, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. (Photo by Ann Nash)



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2 responses to “Tombstone Tuesday – Another Ancestor’s Resting Place Found?

  1. Deb

    Funny you should ask! Many years ago, my oldest (about 6 at the time) asked why people get buried when they die. He thought it made more sense for people to keep the bodies of loved ones in their homes. “You could just put them in the corner. And if anyone steps on them by accident, well, it doesn’t matter because they’re already dead.”
    So, I’m counting on Jacob to prop me up in a corner.

  2. Hopefully, the cemetery will have some type of records of the burials for you. It does make sense that the small stone would be her son.

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