Treasure Chest Thursday – A Portrait of the Colonel as a Young(er) Man

A portrait of my great, great-grandfather, Col. W. R. Stuart by renown artist, George P.A. Healy courtesy of Joel Brink.

The genealogy  goddesses are smiling on me this week.

My head was still spinning over yesterday’s fantastic find of my great, great-grandmother Temple Burton’s tombstone  when I received the above photo.  It’s a portrait of my great, great-grandfather, Col. W. R. Stuart painted by renown portrait artist, George P.A. Healy.  Healy also painted a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in the White House.

The picture and the information come via Joel Brink, author of A Tale of Two Families:  A New Orleans Rendezvous.  The book chronicles his wife’s family (Howcott) which intersects with my Stuart line.

Brink said the photo originally hung in my great, great-grandfather’s parlor in Ocean Springs, MS, along with the portrait pictured at the bottom of this post of his wife, Elizabeth McCauley Stuart.  The portraits were painted in New Orleans in 1861 when the Colonel was 41  and his wife, 20.  The couple had been married for three years.

They now hang in Howcott family homes.

It’s no longer wordless Wednesday, but I am at a bit of a loss to convey just how precious these pieces of my family history are to me and my gratitude to those who put them in my grasp.  So, I’ll keep it simple and just say  thanks to Francis Howcutt for alerting me to Joel Brink’s book.  Thanks Joel for forwarding these photos.  Thanks again Ann Nash for finding Temple Burton’s grave and volunteering at  Finally, thanks to Ray  Bellande whose website first alerted me to the most detailed information about my great, great-grandparents and jump-started my journey.

I’d like to put my thank yous into action, so I’m joining to hopefully help others find graves of relatives.  How else might I  show some genealogy love?

Portrait of Elizabeth McCauley Stuart, 1861, courtesy of Joel Brink.



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9 responses to “Treasure Chest Thursday – A Portrait of the Colonel as a Young(er) Man

  1. How wonderful! Incredible, actually! Thanks for sharing – and best wishes. Many will benefit from your renewed dedication! 😉

  2. Liz

    Wow, Dionne–the way your genealogy luck is going this week, you should go out & buy a lottery ticket! LOL Congrats on these wonderful finds.

  3. What a terrific week you are having genealogywise. I’m jealous 🙂

  4. How exciting! The portraits are so beautiful. What a thrilling week you have had.
    You will not be sorry that you joined It always makes me feel so good when I can help someone else find their family members.

  5. How amazing, the portraits looks very real as if it was an actual photograph. Very nice memorabilia and keep sake

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