Women’s History Month – Granny Talks Cars

I love my grandmother and I love her stories. At 94, she remembers  her childhood in Oklahoma like it was just yesterday.

So, in honor of both Women’s History Month and Geneabloggers’ Treasure Chest Thursday, here’s some history from a woman I treasure.  I hope you enjoy my Granny Louise’s story about her experiences with the earliest crank cars as much as I did.



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5 responses to “Women’s History Month – Granny Talks Cars

  1. Deb

    God bless her spunk! You’ve got some good genes, there. Remind me to tell you one day about the time our luggage fell off the roof of our car … driving up I-95 in Miami’s rush hour traffic, on the way to Disney World.

  2. 94? She seems like fun. I hope the great grand children are loving her! I enjoyed mine!.
    Kathleen, a3genealogy

  3. Did you say granny is 94, wow she is full of energy, and she looks great. I bet it must be wonderful to hear her stories and spend time with her. We all can learn a lot from our ancestors and their stories. Congratlations and thanks for sharing granny with us, may god bless her with many many more years.

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