The Slaves of Hill Jones

List of slaves bequeathed in the 1846 will of Hill Jones

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, a will that listed my great great-grandmother, Temple Burton as part of Hill Jones’s property also listed many other slaves as well.  His will was notarized on September 8, 1846 in Madison County, Mississippi. Jones didn’t have hundreds of slaves, but he did have at least two dozen and I’ll list them and their owners below in hopes of helping one of my fellow researchers trace their family tree:

To his wife, Judith Jones:  Tiller, Vincent, William, Tempy, Marian, Phil, Reuben and Susan.

To son, Willis B. Jones:  Edmund, Philip, Martha (sp.), Austen or Auster and Rose, his wife, Alford, Rene or Remy (sp.?), Richard & Chaney (sp.?) his wife and their three youngest children Cornelius, Catherine & Eliza, also George and “my two blind boys Isaac and Britten.”

To daughter, Mary M. Whitehead:  Mose, David and Solomon.

To daughter, Martha McCauley:  John, Louisa, Grace or Green? and Jack

To daughter, Elizabeth Howcott: Essex and Huldy

To daughter Rebecca, Charles, Handy and Collier (sp.?)

Thanks, Liz for helping me decipher this challenging text!



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4 responses to “The Slaves of Hill Jones

  1. Liz

    Hi Dionne,
    Renie could _possibly_ be Rene, or maybe even “Remy” if the bottom of the ‘y’ is cut off–looks like the writer may be using a straight edge to keep the lines straight, but I can’t be sure.
    Before Issac & Britten it says “my two blind boys” – that could be an important detail for a researcher.
    “Grace” looks like “Green” to me – a bit unusual, but I’ve seen it as a first name before.
    I think the two slaves bequeathed to Elizabeth read “Essex” and “Huldy.”
    Hope this helps–

  2. Thanks so much, Liz. How ever did you read that challenging script? I will update the blog.

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