Stuart Pecan Pie

Thanks everyone for the fantastic and easy pecan pie recipes you sent me. I was able to make a tasty pie that my family devoured at Thanksgiving. That’s saying something since more than once, I’ve had to serve mac n cheese to my kids for dinner having made a meal that even I wouldn’t eat.

Above is the pie my cousin, Monique made at her family gathering, also handily eaten down to the last crumb. I’ve seen Monique’s perfectly appointed house, like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog, so if her baking skills are anything like her flair for decorating, she can take all the credit for having made a delectable treat. I however give all props to Karo syrup (because anything so sweet is irresistible) and my third great grandfather’s Stuart pecans.

Even my very finicky fourth grade daughter asked for a bowl of the pecans cultivated by our ancestor, Col. W. R. Stuart.  I forced her to try one after they arrived on my door a few days before Thanksgiving and after that, I had to ration them out to her and her sister to make sure I had enough for the two pecan pies I was baking for our family gathering. I had to stop myself from scarfing them down as well. I’d like to believe that’s because the colonel’s pecans were special. They did earn him the title, “father of pecan culture in the south.” But I’m sure my family pride added to the savor.


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